Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day After the Wedding!

Its been really hard lately to eat correct potions D:

We have sooooo much left over mexican food!! Butt loads of tacos, beans and rice, and taquitos coming out of our noses!

Luckly i have good friends who are willing to help me out, no matter how dumb i act ;D

Its really hard, ive been doing alot of walking up and down our hill, moving tables and chairs >.<

Im supposed to weigh myself on saturday Nov. 3rd to see if I lost any weight D:

I doubt I have, just because everything has been less portion control on my part >.<

Hopeful! Lets see what Halloween Brings! time to portionize my candy :3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Entry #1, day 10/24/12

Today, after posting my video about wanting to lose weight, i was approached by my friend Sarah, who offered to be my trainer!

I am so happy to have her helping me out, along with my best friend Shannon who is super supportive and gonna help remind me to keep up my blog and video entries!

Today, my current weight is 330 pounds,
I'm finding out what I normally consume on a day to day basis. So far, I have eaten 1,627 calories and its only 3pm.

I cleaned and did exercise a little, I've been doing 20 normal crunches, and about 10 bicycle crunches
along with that, I also have been lifting weights, 15 reps per arm, and 30 pound weights.